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  • Background
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Process
  • Pledge to Clients
  • Business Model
  • Value Chain
  • Management Structure


In 2009, after completing Makerere University equipped with business knowledge from the Commerce class, Mugejjera Sulaiman Ibrah started the business as a small service centre for graphics and printing which later registered as an incorporated company in the names of Screen Graphics Ltd on 22nd December 2009.

In 2010, we opened up the office for official business in our current location at Kibuli - Corner House where we have been able to establish the brand to spread out to so many parts of Uganda and East Africa up to date.


We are a graphics designing, branding, signage and printing company.

Some of our services include the following

Graphics Designing, Plotting, Embroidery, Digital Printing, Metal Fabrication, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Screen Printing, Sign Making and Repairs, Laminating, Stamp Making, Colour Photocopying, Scanning, Consultancy & Research in Design.

Some of our products include the following

Graphics Design:
Logos & Design Concepts
Corporate Branding Items:
Button Badges, CD Covers, Cups, Key holders, Mouse Pads, Name Tags, Packages, Trophies, Medals, Umbrellas, Wall Clocks, Pens, Flash Disks, Rubbers Arm Bands, Door Tags, Watches, Bags, Plaques, Diaries, Table Clocks, Sports Balls, Stamps, Company Seals, Identity Cards, Caps, Corporate Wear, Casual Tee Shirts, Overalls, Reflective Jackets, Coats, Photo Frames, Water Bottles, Pen Stands, Badge Holders, Birthday Gifts
Door Labels, Pull-Up Stands, Tear Drop Stands, X-Stand Banners, Back Drop Stands, Foot Steps, 3D Signs, Road Signs, PVC Banners, Safety Signs, Tyre Covers, Vinyl Stickers, One Way Vision, Frost Stickers, Car Branding, Neon Signs, Flags, Light Box Signs, A Frame Signs, Wall Belt Signs, Pylon Signs, Center Mounted Pole Sign, Hanging Signs, Post & Panel, Flag Mounted Signs, Twin Pole Signs, Monument Signs, Portable Signs, Changeable Signs, Grass Lawn Signs, Projecting Signs, Billboards, 3D Lettering, On Canopy Signs, Roof Mounted Signs, Facial Signs, Street Signs, Balloon Graphics, Suspended Sign, Tent Awning Sign, Digital Signs, Directional Signs, Pavement Signs, Table Tags, Menu Holders, Magnetic Car Stickers, Tents, Dummy Cut Outs, Floor Graphics
Printing Products:
Business Cards, Birthday Cards, Christmas & New Year Cards, Easter Cards, IDD Cards, Love Cards, Pledge Cards, Success Cards, Invitation Cards, Greeting Cards, Certificates, Coupons & Tickets, Product Labels, Receipt Books, Magazines, Company Profiles, Catalogues, Price Lists, News Letters, Year Books, Posters & Fliers, Brochures, Wall & Table Calendars, Year Planners, Envelopes, File Folders, Paper Bags, Writing Pads, Price Tags, Menu Cards, Membership Cards and Paper Stickers, Literature Holders



To be the leading company in public relations, corporate imaging and promotional products serving and satisfying clients advertising needs in Uganda and East Africa


To provide high quality, professional and technical services to any legitimate business.

Core Values

Transparency, Loyalty, Quality Services, Confidentiality, Acceptable Standards, Youth Development, Innovation, Social Responsibility

Goals & Objectives

(1) Automated Production Process, (2) Employing Youths, (3) Expansion of the Company, (4) Top Brand Achievement, (5) Industry Leader, (6) Signs Factory & Ware House, (7) Wide Client Base, (8) Enlarging Asset & Machinery Power, (9) Stock Exchange Listing, (10) Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Strategy

(1) Diversification of Products & Services, (2) Heavy Social Media Marketing, (3) Organic Growth, (4) Workers Ambassador, (5) Customer Care and Follow up, (6) Quick Deliveries, (7) Quality Assurance, (8) Hands-On, (9) On-line Presence


Business Process

Our business concept takes the following process. It begins with looking out for potential clients or marketing in order to get clients, and then when we spot or get interested buyers, we make sure we talk to them and advise them on their business and our relevancy to them. We take it to give our clients or prospect client’s knowledge about branding in line with logo, standardization, color and consistence of a brand with its importance. If the client already had an ongoing business, we prepare their minds for re-branding because it is not always just changing the business image but also the owners mind set.

When a client accepts our working mode, they can place an order with payments or purchase order and production begins immediately. Our Production takes 2-way, for most of the products are produced in-house by our resources and machines. Then for those products which require items much more than we have, we out-source orders from outside Uganda with our trusted sources.

We strive to deliver our clients works within the time asked because we know that job delayed in business denied though most of works are one-day job as long as payment is made. This can be shown in the following flow chart;

Competitive Advantage
  • Originality
  • Quality Signature,
  • Trusted Supplier Sources
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphics Skills
  • Corporate Brand Image
  • Reputation
  • Products Wide Range
  • Diversified Products
  • Working Equipments
  • Skilled Human Resource
  • Market Know-How
  • Financial Base
  • Access to Working Capital
  • Location
  • Afford ability Price
  • Hands on Workflow
  • Customer Care & Support,
  • Research & Innovation in New Ideas
  • High Volume Production Scale
  • Business Partners
  • Raving Fans & Advocates of Satisfied Clients
  • Social Media Activity
  • Flexibility
  • Speed Production & Time Delivery


Our Service Standards
When you interact with us, we will;
  • Greet you in polite and friendly manner
  • Help you with access or language requirement as best as we can
  • Provide you with advice and guidance to achieve your goals

When you telephone us, we will;
  • Answer your call in a polite and professional manner
  • Answer your call as quickly as possible
  • Respond to all missed calls

When you write to us, we will;
  • Acknowledge your email or message on WhatsApp, facebook, twitter or other sites
  • Reply your email or message as fast as possible with appropriate information
  • Explain in case of a delay in the reply, the reason why it will take to respond
  • Reply to you in plain English in case with details where necessary
  • Respond or follow up with a phone call where possible especially if it is urgent

When you visit our offices, we will;
  • Welcome you into our offices with a warm and friendly greeting
  • Request you to register in our visitor’s book to leave your names and contacts
  • Serve you with coffee, cold water or beverages in case the appointment is lengthy
  • Engage you by establishing meaningful and open contact discussion
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills when you are speaking to us
  • Ask you genuine questions to assist as run your project
  • Resolve any problems if any that might have risen from your visit incase you let us know
  • Ensure that you carry our contact business card and brochure along with you
  • End the interaction with Thank You and make you appreciated for visiting our offices at Screen Graphics Ltd

What we ask of you;
  • Please treat our staff and offices with respect and consideration
  • Please give us the benefit of doubt in order to serve you
  • Please be open and honest about why you chose us and your past experience
  • Please give us honest and constructive feedback so that we can improve our services and products in the future
  • Please tell us if you have other particular needs
Where we have let you down, we will:
  • Try to put things right straight away
  • Give you an explanation for what happened
  • Agree a solution with you where we can
  • Use what we learn from our mistakes so that it helps us in improving our services and products for the future
Screen Graphics Ltd


When doing business, quality and reliability are paramount. Screen Graphics as an SME setting market standards for innovative items in Graphics, Design, Branding, Signage and Printing. We are aided by the following;

Project Team

Screen Graphics Ltd established a team consisting of Project Manager, Marketing & Sales Manager, Production Manager, Programs Coordinator and Finance Manager with each a sub team behind them. This team will look after your job from the start to finish, ensuring efficient workflow in order to produce the highest quality work. The project team continuously cross checks for strict quality controls before delivery.

Preferred Supplier Arrangement

This ensures that the clients are receiving the best quality and best materials that the market has to offer.

Guaranteed Deliver ability

We realize your order has to be there on time and we build our reputation upon this. We shall strive to give you confidence of delivery on time and even when we deviate from that time, we shall strive to keep you informed.

Graphics Management

Screen Graphics has installed a fully design integrated State-of-Art system. This begins from Scan, Copy, Design and Print using the relevant software that guarantee the design consistency across a broad range of materials that your advert campaign may require. We make sure we do hands-on work in this sector to make sure we are able to do off-line proofing for any mistakes.

Quality Guarantee

In case you receive your design from us and you are not delighted or they are not produced as required, simply call us. We will immediately correct them and at your absolute option either redesign them at our cost or not redesign them but fully refund your payment for the design if you accept that will be absolute and never used elsewhere. This is because we understand that all print work depends on the quality of the design.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Screen Graphics Ltd, we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve our processes. Customers are surveyed regularly to ensure they are completely satisfied with our products and services. This is also assisted by our social media networks on facebook, twitter and instagram that interacts directly with our clients

Part Delivery

This option allow you to have your batches of the job delivered to suit your needs.


Would you like to know what your print looks like before you place and order for thousands square meters or units? With digital Printing you can. Simply send us your ideas and we shall design and print for you a sample.

Variable Artwork

Allow more flexibility in your advertising campaigns having variable artwork in your print run. You can change your artwork to target different markets with digital printing.

Photo Quality

We make sure that the work quality for photos is between 300dpi to 600dpi to make your work clear and crystal. This process makes the work file heavy in size but it is a price worth enduring.

Targeted Relationship

We do not pretend to be “best at everything” or “all things to all people” but we strive to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that require our core product and services.

Understanding Your Business

We realize that every business is different and therefore has unique needs when it comes to design and printing. Our business and concept developers work closely with our clients to look and understand the dynamics of their business and develop the right design solution.

Research and Development

Our team conducts research for new and more creative designs ideas from all over the world to make sure to bring you the highest quality, innovative products and services to suit the competitive market prices.

Buying Power

Existing volumes of work from our large high end corporate clientele enable us to purchase raw materials and technology both locally and internationally at the most beneficial prices for our clients. The great cost advantages are passed on to the clients.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We are continually searching for new and more effective equipment to give our clients the edge in competition. Screen Graphics Ltd has in stock Computers, Digital Printers, Plotting Machines, Embroidery Machines, Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines, CNC Routers, Laminating Machines, Scanning Machines, Screen Printing Machines and many more that ensures your work is swift to the end.

Studio Direct Services

We implemented a direct studio services for select clients to make our business flexible. For this arrangement, our concept designer travels to the client so that all artwork is done and the approval done on real time from the comfort of the clients office or home.

Concept Consultancy

At Screen Graphics Ltd, we realize that when you come to us you are not simply buying print BUT you are buying a communication solution to build your product, brand or sales. That is why we have made it available to you a team of concept consultants with experience in Marketing, Visual Merchandise and Design to consult on your projects. Our team will work closely with you to assess your specific work needs and advise you on the most appropriate products and innovative solutions so as to achieve the results you require.

International Association

We have international business partnership with professionals, suppliers and producers who openly share suppliers, products, tricks, traps and knowledge that assists us fulfil the production needs of our clients. These international sources are strong businesses in China, Dubai, USA, Germany, South Africa, Kenya and others. Screen Graphics Ltd can offer our clients the combined experience and purchasing power of the best in the world.

Customer Rewards

At Screen Graphics Ltd, we believe in showing our customers how much we appreciate their work. That is why we created our cool rewards program in which we offer clients some cool corporate items for Screen Graphics Ltd;

  • Corporate Cups
  • Key Holders
  • Table Calendars
  • Casual Tee Shirts
  • 10% Commission
  • Writing Pads
  • Corporate Pens
  • Dinner Dates
  • Mobile Phones

Those are the rewards that we give to our clients to appreciate them for supporting us because it is easy to keep the current clients around and happy than pulling in new clients.


Firm Infrastructure
  • General Management
  • Production Management
  • Legal Advocates
  • Finance
  • Accounting
Human Resource
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Research
  • Development
Technology Development
Continuous improvement in the production assets such as Digital, Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Engraving, Plotting, Printing, Scanning, Laminating Machines
Resource Procurement
Purchase of Printing Materials, Consumables like Ink & paper, Hardware Items, Paints, Stationery, Spare Parts and other Finishing Consumables


In-bound Logistics
  • Reception
  • Storage & Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Transportation
  • Printing
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Graphics Designing
  • Branding
Out-bound Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Order Fulfilment & Delivery
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
Sales & Marketing
  • Partnership
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Customer Support
  • Graphics Design
  • Branding
  • Consulting


To be the leading company in public relations, corporate imaging and promotional products serving and satisfying clients advertising needs in Uganda and East Africa


To provide high quality, professional and technical services to any legitmate business.

Core Objectives

Transparency, Loyalty, Quality Services, Confidentiality, Acceptable Standards, Youth Development, Innovation, Social Responsibility

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