Laser Cutting


Laser Cutting

It’s time to stop merely printing on paper/cardstock and time to start cutting them! In fact, it’s time to extend your range beyond paper to other materials such as wood, acrylic, veneer, leather, bamboo, cork, MDF and more!

Laser cut paper, wood/veneer, and acrylic business cards are all the rage. With good reason. These days, it takes much more than good offset printing to make a business card stand out. With a laser cutter at their disposal, graphic designers can make truly unique business cards and signage that will be sure to get them and their clients noticed.

Most graphic designers we talk to can’t wait to get their work off the page and into tangible 3 dimensional reality. If your design looks good on the screen, it’ll be sure to look even better when you hold it in your hands. Our laser cutter can cut silk, wool, cotton, fabric, felt, denim, leather and more! More durable and thick materials such as leather and denim, can also be laser etched with any pattern or design of your choosing.

Laser cutting produces sharp, crisp edges and delicate forms and intricacy that cannot be achieved by any other method. The heat of the beam actually singes the edges of most fabrics with some synthetic content, preventing fraying.

Custom lace designs and dreamy damask inspired patterns cut out of any material are now easily achieved so you can let your imagination run wild. And let’s not forget about the accessories!

Want to design and manufacture your own line of jewelry and accessories to show off on the runway? We can custom create your necklaces, pendants, earrings, broaches, anklets, spats… just about anything you can think of, in just about any material you desire!

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