Logo Development

The Dictionary meaning of a Logo is a symbol, sign or emblem. Human being have used such symbols throught time to convey a sunccint message. In present times, Logos tend to be graphical in nature, designed for easy recognition of an organization. It is a tool to build an identity for the organization, as part of its trademark or brand and to generate favourable thoughts and feelings about the organization.

Did you know?

Today, there are many corporations, products, services, agencies and other entities using an ideogram (sign, icon), or an emblem (symbol), or a combination of sign and emblem, as a logo. As a result, only a few of the thousands of ideograms people see are recognized without a name. It is sensible to use an ideogram as a logo, even with the name, if people will not duly identify it. Currently, the usage of both images (ideograms) and the company name (logotype) emphasize the name instead of the supporting graphic portion, making it unique by its letters, color, and additional graphic elements.

Logo Brand Manual

A brand manual is the summary of the logo designed for your business or brand that gives you the knowledge and ownership of your logo. It describes in details with names and combinations of the colours and fonts used in your logo. If there are any modificationsin the fonts, hen those are disclosed here.

Logo Types

Logo Types

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